How to customize your wordpress login page

WordPress offers Branda as a plugin to customize your login home page. This is a creative way of branding your entry point to the administrative dashboard to WordPress. By default, the WordPress login page is not personalized to your website’s branding.

The purpose of this guide is to learn how to customize the WordPress Login page so that it no longer looks like the image below.

Customizing the WordPress Login Page

1. Navigate to the WordPress Plugin download page.
2. Search for Branda
3. Click Install Now.

Branda WordPress Install Page

4. Click Activate in the Branda wp plugin box.

activate button for Branda WordPress Plugin

5. On the WordPress sidebar, Click Branda to access the Customize Login Screen option under the Front-end section.

step 5 go to customize login screen

6.In the Login Screen table of content section click ACTIVATE under the Customize Login Screen.

7. In the Choose a Template pop-up window you can choose a pre-existing template or Start from scratch. For this scenario, we will click Start from scratch.

step 7 start from scratch customize wordpress login Branda

8. Click continue.

9. In the Content section expand the Logo & Background row by clicking the drop-down arrow.

step 9 Branda Expand logo and background row

10. Add your logo by clicking the Upload Image.

step 10 Branda Upload logo image

11. Click Select Files to search for your logo in your folder directory.

step 11 Branda click select files

12. Search for your file in the folder directory and double click to upload to WordPress.

13. Once the image is uploaded click Use this image.

step 13 Branda use this imae

14. Update the URL.

15. Update the Alt Text.

step 14 15 Branda update url and alt txt

16. Navigate to the Background Image and click Upload image.

step 16 Branda click upload image

17. In the Upload Files tab click Select Files to search for your background image in the folder directory. Once you find your image double click it to import it to WordPress.


Check your work

19. Navigate to the user section in the WordPress main toolbar – > Hover over your name -> Click Log Out.

20. You should now be able to see your new login screen.

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