Event Preparation Worksheet

Every event requires proper preparation. Whether your job is to host the event or capture important details to see your return on investment the following set of questions will help you achieve your event goals.

  • Event date
  • event name
  • Event Times
  • Event Address
  • Point of contact at locations name
  • point of contact at locations Phone Number
  • Point of Contact at location’s email address.
  • Will there be any guest appearances of influencers present at the event?
  • Will there be an event host? If so what is his or her name?

Onsight branding opportunities

Get to know your staff. Talk to the decision-maker. Verify if it’s ok to place branding at the location. Some of the potential areas are as follow.

  • Bathroom stall walls. If they don’t offer to cover the cost for the frame.
  • Projections to tv or wall projector.
  • improve the customer’s experience with giveaways like koozies or glow sticks.
  • Offer a raffle to the customer.
  • Have the DJ give a shoutout.

Post Event Recaps

  • The sooner you turn in recaps the more than likely you are to stand and out and be picked for future events.
  • Please DO NOT turn in recaps with grammatical errors.
  • Use full sentences.
  • Make a difference with your recap. The work you turn in speaks highly of who you are. Attention to detail is key.

Post Event Images

  • Images are very important. Please make sure you are aware of your surroundings and the way you present your MetroPCS attire to the camera.
  • Make sure your settings are correct. If not make sure you edit the pictures in post processing. (Contrast, brightness, color temperature, cropping).
  • Take lots of pictures of consumers at the tent, winning prizes, engaging with BA’s.

Click here to learn Hw to recap an event for a marketing campaign

Avoid miscommunication with the teams by sharing all of the event information with this worksheet.

Get everybody on the same page with the event outline. This worksheet provides all of the information required for hosting or capturing an event.

Here you can keep track of all the players in assuring a successful event takes place.

This, combined with the culture that must exist for innovation and creativity to flourish, means that new employees will be attracted to the organization. 

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